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Update on the Iran protests (jan 2nd 2018):
In recent years, it's especially women who are pushing for change in Iran. Also now, during the ongoing protests, women are at the center of the resistance. The young Iranian woman standing atop a container and shedding her hijab while simultaneously waving it as a flag, has become the symbol of the current protests.

Karim Sadjadpour: "in addition to the economic grievances - this is also a push to secure equal rights for women."

Alireza Nader: Women in Iran have been fighting for decades for equal rights, but especially in the last few years, such efforts have become stronger. Women in Iran are highly educated. They are involved in the workforce and they are continually suppressed. This is part of their fight to gain their freedom and their rights" 

Masih Alinejad, the tireless activist and founder of the My Stealthy Freedom movement against forced hijab calls upon all foreign female visitors to Iran to NOT wear the headscarf in support of the fight for freedom for women in Iran.